short comics


Dear Missy

Daryl’s best friend is her diary, named Missy. When her parents get divorced, she confides her feelings to Missy in the form of a poem. In fifty sweet, sad, and hilarious panels, Daryl puts words to her heartbreak as only an eight-year-old can.

Published by Paper Rocket Comics



A caryatid is stone carving of a draped female figure, used as a pillar to support the entablature of a Greek or Greek-style building.

This comic-poem is told from the perspective of one of these shaky pillars of the patriarchy.

32 pages, 6" x 8," ink wash and watercolor -- black and white with moments of color; card stock cover. Stab-bound by hand with crimson thread. 


lion bride

A poetry comic inspired by the writing of william blake and japanese ink wash paintings.

16 pages, half letter, b&w ink wash, self-published