Smarterchild # 11: The End!

This is the last strip in the Smarterchild series! I’m going to miss drawing these guys every day. In about a week, I’ll have finished printing this series as a mini-comic, a volume in every way superior to the Internet version because it’s on nice paper with a nice cover with about 13 additional pages of drawings  (nevermind – didn’t have enough time or money), and best of all… it’s not free! It’s seven dollars.  So I will make money! If you buy it. Mwahaha.

Also, this post means I just finished my senior thesis, guys.  Enjoy!


  1. MrMischief says:

    Im literally in love with you.

  2. Meeeeee says:

    I miss Smarterchild. I wish they’d bring him back. T_T

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