Follow the Doll

For the past year, I’ve been working on Follow the Doll, a painted graphic novel inspired by one of the most beloved Slavic folktales.  In Russia, Poland, Yugoslavia, Romania, and all throughout the Baltic region, you may find it under the names “Vasilisa the Wise,” “Vasilisa The Beautiful,” or simply, “Vasilisa.” 

When I first heard this story, it felt uncannily familiar, sparking a curiosity about my buried Russian roots that has since grown into an insatiable fascination with the even more mysterious pagan roots of the Slavs. For this reason, I have given the protagonist my middle name, Elena, and my creative process has often felt like I’m following her as she leads me through a dream we’re both trying to remember. Follow the Doll is not an adaptation, but an attempt to dig up, reveal, and bring to life the latent content in an old story rich with archetypal meanings.