Barbados Sketchbook

I spent 6/16- 6/23 in Barbados with my dad’s side of the family: dad, his wife, their three little kids, dad’s parents, his brother, his brother’s wife, their two little boys.   I often had to hide behind large, sharp rocks or wait til everyone was asleep to get any drawing done, so please excuse the sketchiness.

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  1. Jason Connell says:

    Hi Daryl I’ve wanted to see u again but guess work was in the way *sad much* you and your family are cool lol I actually miss u Daryl wish we could of hanged out …ps.Love your hair !!oh um is there any other way that I can chat to u easier u kno keep in touch …I’ll never forget u Daryl …tour very talented keep it up hun…*hugs*reply soon

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