Missy the webcomic – ongoing.  Updates sporadically on this website and on tumblr. Click here for a complete archive of the strips.




Missy 3 – self-published, 2015.  A small collection of Missy strips with a focus on loneliness. Buy it here. 


Middle School Missy – self published, 2014.  Pure pre-teen angst. Reviewed by Just Indie ComicsThe Hooded Utilitarian, and The Fox Hunting blog. 16 pages, black and white with a little bit of red, $3. Buy it here. 



Missy 2 – Oily Comics, 2014. A collection of Missy strips from childhood to young adulthood with a focus on romantic relationships. Also available in digital format on Comixology.  Reviewed on Comics & Cola and The Fox Hunting blog. 32 pages, black and white, $5.



477 Bright CircleFoxing Quarterly, 2014. A time-traveling existential crisis. 24 pages, black and white, $6. Reviewed on The Fox Hunting blog. Read it online.



Missy 1 – Oily Comics, 2013. A little girl writes in her diary, Missy, about her life.   This comic earned me a 2014 Ignatz Award nomination for “Promising New Talent.” Reviewed by  Whit Taylor, The Comics BeatJohn Seven, Comics & Cola, and The Fox Hunting blog. 16 pages, black and white, $1.


Still Life – self published, 2013.  A collection of drawings and comics, most of which can be found on tumblr.  Reviewed by Rob Clough. Out of print.



Sub – self published, 2013. A surreal journey through a post-grad’s existential crisis, drawn in pencil and ink. 44 pages, hand-watercolored cover.  Reviewed by The Comics Journal. Out of print. Read it online.



SmarterChild – self published, 2012. A lonely little girl befriends an awkward chatbot in a watercolored dream world.  All the strips can be read on this website under the SmarterChild tag.



quarter moon cover

Quarter Moon: The Revenge Issue, 2015. I have three strips in this vicious book, curated and published by the two-time Eisner Award-winning Locust Moon Press.

CoverSUbCult2 COVER - Small

SubCultures – Ninth Art Press, 2014.  My six page story is about campers competing in color war at an all-girls overnight camp. Tons of nudity.



Quarter Moon: Man vs. Monster – Locust Moon Press, 2013.  Witchy four pager. Read it here. The rest of the issue is cool.

Magazine and Newspaper Comics

2015-07-27 20.33.27

“Building in Philly,” made for Philadelphia City Paper, 2015.  Read it online. 


Advice comic made for The Lifted Brow,  issue 25 (2015)


rockgodfinalMade for a pull-out comics poster in The Lifted Brow ‘s “medicine issue,” 2014


“Just Desert,” made for the app version of The Lifted Brow, volume 7

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